Sources within the UCLA program praised Rosen’s attention to detail.

Again, though, does he win? And shouldn’t it matter how his teammates see him, since they’ll be the ones spending every day with him in-season?

Former teammates we spoke with who asked not to be named said it might have taken a while to warm up to Rosen, but by the end of this last year, we loved the guy.

And that matches with what one senior-level executive for an NFC team told me.

Should we judge a man by how he acted as an 18-year-old? Is that predictive of how he’ll be in the pros? Perhaps…if the same characteristics persist in his game.

At the end of the day, your teammates will like you if you win, one scout said. Period.

Philip, he’s still playing like a young man , Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said, per Chargers .com. This is going to be his squad. If we bring in another quarterback, it’s definitely a guy we feel like can sit for a couple of years and play behind Philip and learn, and maybe be the future.

Yes, Lynn also gave the obligatory mention of the backups on the roster — Cardale Jones and Geno Smith — adding I wouldn’t look past those two right now. Eventually, though, a replacement must arrive for Rivers, whether its Jones, Smith or a draft pick. Rivers knows this, but he’s also not conceding his job anytime soon.

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