Josh Rosen adds twist to bizarre story of Browns exec who met UCLA’s volleyball team

One of the most bizarre stories that came out after the NFL Draft came last week when Browns executive Alonzo Highsmith was asked about the top quarterbacks in the draft.

During an interview with the Canton Repository, Highsmith had some very reasonable explanations for why he liked certain quarterbacks and why he didn’t really care for a few other ones. For instance, Highsmith was high on Baker Mayfield because the former Oklahoma quarterback lost two receivers in 2017 and was still productive. That makes sense.

Well, for one, we now know that Highsmith didn’t take the volleyball coach’s advice and speak to Rosen’s girlfriend. During an interview on The Rich Eisen Show this week, Rosen revealed a twist to the story: Highsmith didn’t try to get a single detail about Rosen from the quarterback’s significant other.

I thought it was interesting that he didn’t talk to my girlfriend, Rosen said. Maybe he was scared of someone actually saying something good about me? I don’t know, I thought it was funny.

Also, Rosen was just as befuddled as everyone else by the entire situation.

I will not talk about him after this interview, OK? Bradshaw said in the NFL Network’s A Football Life: Chuck Noll documentary. Did I respect him? Of course I did. Like him? No, I didn’t like him.

One of the best quotes that applies to Brady-Belichick actually comes from a Cowboys player in the 1970s who was asked to describe the relationship between Tom Landry and Roger Staubach. Landry was a stone-faced Belichick before Belichick.

Tom punches the computer, calls the play, does everything but hand the ball off, said guard John Niland in 1978. And Roger is a great lieutenant.

In this case, Belichick is the computer, and Brady is the lieutenant. They are the best duo in NFL history.

And it doesn’t matter if they don’t always get along.

By Saturday, the officials said, Haspel had agreed to continue with her nomination. tigers_055-115x115

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