Washington cheerleaders story gets coverage on Today, GMA

The NFL has kept a low profile in the aftermath of Wednesday’s report from the New York Times regarding a Costa Rican excursion gone extremely bizarre for Washington’s cheerleaders in 2013. The NFL may not be able to keep a low profile much longer.

The NFL has not yet responded to an email sent Wednesday by PFT regarding whether the Personal Conduct Policy applies to any of the allegations contained in the story published by the Times. That’s not surprising; one way to keep a story from becoming a story is to not acknowledge the story.

Now that it’s a story, however, the NFL can’t afford to sit back and let others control the narrative. The NFL also can’t afford to create a perception that players who potentially engage in improper behavior are treated one way, and that teams/owners who engage in improper behavior are treated another way.

According to The Athletic, the Patriots had been trying to get a visit with Mayfield scheduled, but Mayfield repeatedly declined to schedule a meeting because he didn’t think there was any way he would fall to No. 23, which was the Patriots’ first pick. But Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels told a member of Mayfield’s camp that the Patriots were considering a trade way up to No. 2, and that’s why Mayfield agreed to meet with the Patriots.broncos_019_1753fd8f7996fb87-180x180

Does that mean the Patriots weren’t really all that serious about moving up, but they had to show serious interest to get Mayfield to meet with them? Perhaps. It seems awfully unlikely that the Patriots really would have moved all the way up to No. 2, given that it would have required them to give up both of their first-round picks, both of their second-round picks and more.

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