What Yankees see from Gleyber Torres when it matters most

jets_038Watching Yankees rookie Gleyber Torres hit in the 10th inning with the game on the line Tuesday night, manager Aaron Boone noticed a couple of traits that a lot of the greats have.

Hitting after fellow Baby Bomber Miguel Andujar ripped a two-out, nobody-on double into the left-field corner off Houston Astros reliever Brad Peacock, Torres didn’t like plate umpire Tripp Gibson III calling a strike on a 1-0 pitch that was borderline low.

It’s just a really, really mature at-bat from a good player. There’s no question he got a little emotional there and reacted, but he snapped right out of it and controlled the moment. You’ve got to be able to do that because sometimes you’re going to react and you’ve got to be able to reign it in in a hurry if you’re going to be an elite player.

Torres was the biggest hero of the night after he committed two of the Yankees’ season-high five errors, one on his second bad throw in two days and the other on a boot of an easy grounder that should have been an inning-ending double play.

Marsh doubled down on his negative comments about the Patriots in a video post on Reddit.

If you think Marsh is wrong, he isn’t. Patriots players have privately made similar comments for years. They don’t care because they win, and winning is the ultimate fun to a lot of players. The not-fun stuff isn’t as relevant.

But to players like Marsh and some others who have played for Bill Belichick, the winning isn’t worth the misery they feel.

If we can save one life and keep one family together, it’s all worth it, Peter told The Post.

On June 24, he will celebrate his 11th year of sobriety, 4,015 days since he stumbled home after a three-day drug-and-alcohol binge and saw the look of disgust on the faces of his wife, Monica, and their two daughters.

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