How a lonely track event unites Rutgers past and present

The most accomplished athlete competing for Rutgers right now practices on a hole-covered field at the edge of the university’s track complex, and on most days, he does so completely alone.

Canceling the Philadelphia Eagles visit, well, what it does on the positive side is it does remind everybody that there is a contingent of people who are caught up in the celebutainment sports world who really don’t share a lot in common with he average American, even if they came from modest means.

It’s not about bowing down to the president. He doesn’t want you to disrespect the country, the flag, the anthem, which is what these bratty players are doing, using the excuse of Black Lives Matter or some other issue that they probably haven’t even read up on. They just repeat whatever Colin Kaepernick says on any given day.

By Monday the day Trump rescinded his invitation the Eagles told the White House that there would only be two or three playersin attendance, per Karni, plus owner Jeffrey Lurie and Swoop, the Eagles’ mascot.

1. 70-plus nameshad initially planned to attend. Of course, that doesn’t include only players, as there was only 53 on the Super Bowl roster, plus practice squad players. At least four players from the Super Bowl roster had publicly announced they would not attend the White House, including safety Malcolm Jenkins, defensive end Chris Long, defensive end Brandon Graham and wide receiver Torrey Smith, who has since been traded to the Panthers. Monday, it was reported that most (if not all) of the team’s black players did not want to attend, though it’s unclear if that’s a more recent development or not.

2. Attempted re-schedule. The June 5 date has been set for a while, and a couple days ago, the Eagles even moved practice back a couple of days so as not to interfere with the scheduled visit to D.C. If the Eagles did request to reschedule it, did they know that the new date was going to be while Trump was in Singapore? If Trump wasn’t the one honoring the team, could there have even been a ceremony anyway?

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