New Jersey betting law may stick it to certain sports owners

The state that helped open the floodgates for sports gambling by taking on the sports leagues will be adding a tweak to its sports betting law that could force some sports team owners to make a tough decision.

Lawson was able to play in all 16 games as a rookie with the Bengals in 2017, and in the process he picked up more sacks (8.5) than any other first-year player in the league. 

That alone is worth the entirety of his rookie contract, let alone the $763,154 he’s making on average each season. Of the 29 players with more than eight sacks in 2017, none make less than Lawson. 

Manziel replaced starter Jeremiah Masoli with 3:38 remaining in the second quarter. He completed 9 of 12 passes for 80 yards in five possessions.

I felt like I was able to get in there and handle the situation well, get some completions and get the guys some balls, Manziel said.

Manziel marched the Ticats to the Toronto 12 in the third quarter before an intentional grounding call backed the ball to the 34 and Hamilton ended up turning it over on downs.

That was the worst call of the century, Manziel said. My whole life I have been taught to throw it right at the stick that marks the down. I thought I got it there. He [the official] told me I was about a yard short. That’s the first time I have heard that. That’s new to me.

Without having one team to obsess over, watching hockey can be simply about watching hockey. The combination of grace and speed with violence and hatred. The unnatural bending of the stick during a slap shot. The crazy path of a puck through traffic, where the chances of the thing being intentionally redirected are roughly the same as having it unintentionally crash into a sensitive area of the male anatomy. The sound of the frozen rubber projectile hitting the hard steel tube. And the endless near-miss goals, which make the game as much about dumb luck as it it about raw skill.

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