NFL plans to lobby Congress for a “regulatory framework” for sports betting

The NFL has lost in the judicial branch (even if the NFL actually has won at the every branch of every bank with which it does business). The league now will take the gambling fight to the legislature.

At the state level, the reference to the protection of fans and “the integrity of our game” could be another way of phrasing the money-for-nothing “integrity fee” that the sports leagues are seeking. Regardless, the NFL will have little or no leverage to make that request in the states where the NFL currently doesn’t do business. In the states where NFL teams currently reside, the league will have slightly more leeway when it comes to getting a cut, ostensibly to protect fans and ensure the integrity of the game.

Still, it would be far more effective to get a favorable federal law that applies to all states. The NFL apparently will give that a try initially, even if anything that restricts the ability of states to determine the scope and breadth of sports gambling programs will presumably fail for the same reason that the law prohibiting any sports wagering finally has been scrapped.

Avery started 34 games at Memphis and ranks second in school history with 45.5 tackles for loss. He also ranks third in school history in career sacks with 21.5 while playing an inside role in college.

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Cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris’ signing was reported on Sunday and confirmed by the team in Monday’s announcement of all their moves. The Giants also signed veteran guard Chris Scott, who has played in 45 regular season games since entering the league as a 2010 fifth-round pick in Pittsburgh.bucks_518