NBA free agency rumors: Multiple teams interested in Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley could have multiple options in free agency.

The 29-year-old forward, who spent last season with the Knicks, is drawing interest from the Trail Blazers, Hawks and Bucks, according to a report from the New York Post. New York also wants to re-sign Beasley, the report says.

Our client would have preferred Dallas. Heck, he told Jason Garrett as much late last season. And the state income tax hit in California versus Texas (where they don’t have one) is a tough pill to swallow. But the Chargers look like they have a potentially special situation with that defense, he likes Gus Bradley and it’s not as if he has to get used to Pacific time. So let’s talk deal.

Flowers, who came in hitting .248, left due to a right hamstring cramp, the team announced.

Kurt Suzuki replaced him behind the plate to start the bottom of the sixth.

LeBron James, Cavaliers: We’ll hear plenty about James for the next two weeks or so, and his decision will have more impact on the league than any other free agent’s choice. We’ll hear about Philadelphia, Houston and the like, but it probably will come down to the Lakers or a return to the Cavs.

Kevin Durant, Warriors: Durant averaged 26.4 points, was the Finals MVP again and has been told the team will pay him whatever they can, so clearly, the Warriors are intent on keeping him in town. He’s not going anywhere.

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