Cause for concern with Hutton-Sabres deal

With the market set to open Sunday, we sort the players available into four groups: best bets, smart gambles, boom or busts, and bad investments.

As the No. 1 goaltender, of course. But for how long?

In the great goalie carousel of 2018, Hutton was viewed as the top prize. That meant he likely wouldn’t consider anyone not offering a third year on the contract. But let’s remember: Hutton is a 32-year-old backup. He’s cycled through three organizations in the past six years. For the Sabres to expect for Hutton to suddenly transform into a true No. 1 is aspirational — at best.

Overall grade: C-plus
Congrats to the Sabres for getting the most coveted goalie available on the market this season. But the price and term both seem high for a 32-year-old who has never been able to cement himself as a No. 1.

Of course, the Sabres had the cap space to make it work, so why not go for it? This makes the team better, but not by much. The Hutton acquisition doesn’t elevate our season prognosis for the Sabres — still bottom-dwellers — so we can’t grade this signing higher.

Avila said Bosio made the comments recently, and they were brought to Avila’s attention Tuesday. Avila decided Wednesday to terminate Bosio’s contract after the team investigated the situation and spoke to all of the people involved.

Avila said that what Bosio said violated team policy and his contract, although the GM otherwise spoke highly of Bosio’s job performance.

He definitely was a good pitching coach, Avila said.

Tigers right-hander Alex Wilson said he and teammates heard rumors of what had happened.

We’re sorry to everyone that it affected, Wilson said. It’s not a good day here. It’s a sad day. But we’re going to move forward, and hopefully this brings us closer than we’ve ever been.

Bosio, a former major league pitcher, was in his first season as Detroit’s pitching coach after serving in the same role for six years with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs didn’t renew Bosio’s contract after last season and hired Jim Hickey to replace him, reuniting manager Joe Maddon with his former pitching coach in Tampa Bay.

That’s tough, Maddon said when asked for his thoughts on Bosio’s dismissal. That’s potentially a career-ending situation.

The 55-year-old Bosio was 94-93 over an 11-season career, mostly as a starter, with Milwaukee and Seattle. The right-hander threw a no-hitter in 1993 for the Mariners against the Boston Red Sox.

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