The Carolina Panthers kicker took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a short video of himself and his family playing kickball.

The only rule is that I’m not allowed to kick it hard, Gano said in the Tweet.

He kicked it hard.

Judging by the distance on that ball and what I personally remember kickball being like in elementary school, Gano PROBABLY was holding back some. Those balls are easy to kick far. But also judging by Gano’s hilarious celebration (Home run baby!), he didn’t pull back nearly as much as he probably could have.

Bush’s primary claim was that the MCL injury he sustained hurt his future earning potential. He played one year with the Buffalo Bills the following season, and announced his retirement in 2017. Bush claimed throughout the process that the entire lawsuit was about player safety.

Did he have to go get the ball himself? Schoolyard rules say he should have.

Kickers are under-appreciated in the NFL, but it’s safe to say that Graham Gano’s family has a full understanding of his prowess when it comes to kicking sports balls far, and not just footballs.

In the more than three decades since, all but Memphis have welcomed an NFL franchise. Even Baltimore got its Colts replacement in 1996 when the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens.

Memphis was an extreme long shot at landing the Colts from the start, and its chances weren’t much better again when it bid for an expansion team in 1993. The Oilers’ move from Houston to Nashville in 1997 — and subsequent rebrand as the Tennessee Titans — has since dulled talks of Memphis’ NFL dreams.

Los Angeles didn’t come close to getting the Colts either, with the Rams already in the city and the Raiders becoming the second tenant in 1982.

But Jacksonville and Phoenix were real candidates. What would the NFL look like today if the Colts didn’t relocate to Indianapolis?

In 1972, Robert Irsay purchased the Los Angeles Rams for $19 million and immediately gave the deed to the team to Carroll Rosenbloom, who traded away his ownership of the Baltimore Colts to Irsay.

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