The Panthers will provide a similar backdrop to the one Cooks fell into in 2014.

His Saints were anchored by Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham, who led the team in targets, and Cooks was flanked by a versatile one-two combo at wideout between Kenny Stills and Marques Colston. In Moore’s case, he’ll settle in behind top target Greg Olsen, a veteran in Smith, and a high-potential youngster in Funchess. He’ll even have a former MVP throwing him passes — though there’s a significant downgrade from 2014 Drew Brees to 2018 Newton.

Newton was in Bradenton, Florida for a 7-on-7 youth football camp when a kid asked him Hey Cam, can I get a fumble? and What happened in the Super Bowl? The Panthers QB wasn’t having it, choosing to get into it with the kid instead of brushing it off.

Don’t try that shit with me, little boy, Cam claps back before saying You’ll do what?! as he responds to a challenge, which can’t be heard on the video.

If you’re a Panthers fan: It’s nothing. He’s already fired up, which is awesome to see. This is just his competitive fire and I’m all about him be fired up before the season.

The snap was a little shaky, but the Rams still nailed the reveal on Father’s Day.

Fans could never forget Steratore after this season, when he made waves by using an index card to measure a first down for the Cowboys against the Raiders in Week 15. It was a Dak Prescott quarterback sneak on a crucial fourth-and-1 that was close — too close to call without a prop.

Steratore said after the game that he didn’t need the index card to make the first down call. He just used it to confirm that he had judged the position of the ball correctly.

Didn’t use the card to make the final decision, Steratore said, via Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The final decision was made visually. The card was used (as) nothing more than a reaffirmation of what was visually done.

After the game, the league asked officials to not use anything other than markers and the good old eye test to measure first downs. But what Steratore did was within the rules.

Steratore isn’t the only referee in his family. He isn’t even the only NFL official in his family.

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