That’s why Dorsey’s selection of the Heisman Trophy winner stumped McAdoo.

He’s got an edge to him; I like that, McAdoo said of Mayfield. He’s gonna lead; they’re gonna follow him. I didn’t see a lot of pro-style football in his college tape, and if you’re short you have to be able to make up for it some way, somehow, and personality doesn’t do that.

McAdoo rated Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Mason Rudolph ahead of Mayfield.

I didn’t think he was a great athlete, McAdoo said. This guy is kinda like a pocket quarterback that is short and with small hands. That’s what I worry about.

I love that the producers open up with a blocked shot—Williams just destroys some poor Arizona guard. He does the same thing to a poor kid from Auburn later on in the clip. We also to see Williams just taking it to Penn State in a matchup that would be a lot more exciting if they were playing football. There might be a few too many alley-oops in here … we get it, dude can finish in the paint. We saw that in the Tournament. Based on the highlights, Williams seems like he might have gone higher 15 years ago … like fellow Louisiana product Stromile Swift, who went No. 2 overall in 2000. But even if the NBA doesn’t value his skill set as much he’s a solid highlight player.

Conklin, who has lost 10 pounds, down to 310, is learning patience.

You don’t want to come back too early, and hurt it again, Conklin said. You want to make sure you are full health and ready to go. If I come back too early, I am not only hurting myself, but I am hurting the team. If I can’t play at the level I need to perform at, there’s really no reason I should be out there playing. I think I need to earn my way back health-wise and practicing and that is something I am working toward and something I am excited to get back to.

In the draft on April 18, Dallas, the team many pegged as Moss’s landing spot, took linebacker Greg Ellis out of North Carolina at No. The Tennessee Oilers at No. 16 took the draft’s first receiver, Kevin Dyson. Linebacker Brian Simmons went to the Bengals at 17, running back Robert Edwards to the Patriots at 18, Vonnie Holliday to the Packers at 19 and Terry Fair to the Lions at No. 20.

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